Welcome Home Ministry

BUMC is involved in a partnership with Bethesda Cares in placing the most vulnerable of the homeless in our area into permanent housing. This all began in September of 2011 when Bethesda Cares joined the 100K Homes Campaign, a national movement of communities working together to find permanent housing for the homeless.  BUMC decided to commit half of the contributions from the2011 Christmas Eve Service to go toward this Welcome Home Ministry.  The goal is to help Bethesda Cares place 10 to 14 individuals in 2012, as they move off the street.  Bethesda Cares is able to obtain grants and housing vouchers but this does not cover other critical costs such as security deposit, used furniture, bedding, move-in kits (cleaning supplies), etc.  We will also be involved with obtaining furniture from A Wider Circle, in Silver Spring, which is an organization that provides used furniture for the homeless.

We will need many volunteers to get involved to help clients as they are settling into their new homes:
1.  People to donate furniture and household items.
2.  Shoppers for household items (We can spend $100 to $200 per client.)
3.  People to help move furniture and/or have a truck.
4.  Individuals willing to store materials and furniture.
5.  People to put together and deliver Cleaning Kits. 

If you would like to volunteer to help in any of these ways, please sign up online.

Elizabeth Snape, ElizabethSnape48@gmail.com , BUMC member and Volunteer Coordinator for Bethesda Cares, will be coordinating the Cleaning Kits and helping to teach the clients how to use their kits.

Our WISH LIST for our Clients:

Cleaning Kits: cloths, sponge, all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl brush
and cleanser, small broom and dustpan, dish-washing soap, Windex, paper
towels, trash cans, plastic trash bags, laundry detergent.

Furniture:  Beds (mattresses, box springs and frames in very good
condition), dressers, kitchen tables and chairs, sofas, chairs, accent tables

Other items to donate:  radio alarm clock (new or used),
All the following items can be used, but must be clean and in very good
condition:  blankets, bed linens, pillows, towels, bath mat, microwave
safe bowls, cups, microwave safe dishes, pots, pans, silverware, shower
curtains (new), small chairs, folding tables, small lamps, flashlights,
small rugs, plastic plants, small TVs.

We might add some basic medical supplies at a future time.

Current Furniture Inventory

Get Involved!

Please contact Judy Shniderman (jbsgburg@aol.com) and Janet Edmonds
(j.edmonds@erols.com) the Co-Chairs of the Welcome Home Ministry for
more information or to volunteer in some capacity.   


8300 Old Georgetown Rd    +    Bethesda MD 20814   +    301.652.2990