Our Mission, Our Beliefs, Our Values 

Our Mission Statement is WASH MORE FEET.
It means:

As followers of Jesus Christ, a servant attitude permeates everything we do.

We seek to form people in the image of Jesus.

We are intentional about reaching out to more feet and all kinds of them.

We live in an atmosphere of shared vulnerability.

We are a community of JOYFUL worship and service.

We Believe...
...in a God of grace whose love claims us and whose forgiveness transforms us.
...in Jesus Christ, the incarnate expression of God, who calls us to follow him as disciples and who sets us free to love and serve in joy.
...in the Spirit of God that works in and through us to make us a means of grace to others and to the world.
...that sacrificial love and prayer have the power to change lives, heal, and make a difference in the world.
...that the Bible tells our story of salvation, reveals both who God is and who we are, and serves as the primary source of guidance for living out our faith.
...that all people are children of God and we are called to act with compassion and for justice as part of the human family.
...that the life of faith is a journey of spiritual growth and discovery.
...that as United Methodists we are vitally connected to each other and to the larger body of Christ.


We Value...

+ Open Minds and a Thinking Faith
+ Faith that Translates into Action
+ Being a Safe Place for Seekers
+ Diversity
+ Hospitality and Offering a Culture of Welcome
+ Servant Hearts
+ Music as a Vital Expression of Faith Worship as the Glue that Holds us Together   
Our Connection to our Local Community 
+The Gift of Being Cross-Generational/Family-Friendly
+Children and Youth as Part of the Church of Today 
+ Relationships and Connections 
Leaning into the Future while Embracing the Past (Ancient/Future Faith)

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