Pastor's Welcome
The truth of it is, you just don't see many mission statements that include the word "feet." When I wear my "Wash More Feet" t-shirts around town, I almost always get questions about what that means. Wash More Feet is simple but powerful and those three words have shaped our mission and ministry here at Bethesda UMC for many years. They're a reference to Jesus' invitation to his disciples to wash the feet of other people just as he got down on his hands and knees and washed their own. And it's a reminder that as disciples of Jesus we're called to be servants in all that we do and wash the feet of others as often as we can.

We do that in many ways here at Bethesda. Sometimes it's through mission trips in our region or in other parts of the country and world. Sometimes we wash feet by providing a listening ear, serving a meal, or giving our time to someone in need. Our hope is that every moment can be an opportunity to serve others and share God's love with joy, compassion, and authenticity.   

I hope you'll join us for worship, a mission experience, a class, or simply conversation over coffee and learn more about our foot-washing congregation. We are a growing and vibrant community of people seeking to follow God and would love to have you experience the journey of faith with us! Welcome! 

Rev. Jenny

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