pastor's welcome

What to Expect on Your First Sunday Here

Two Different Sunday Morning Services & Evensong, too!
For most of the year, you have a choice of three worship services that you can be part of. On Sunday morning, one’s more casual and contemporary with a band and video screen (9:00 a.m.) and the other is more traditional with organ, piano, and a choir (11:00 a.m.).   Both services have story time for kids (we don’t stare if someone squirms or makes a little noise in the pews), and most Sundays there are youth sitting together in the balcony. There’s coffee and refreshments available throughout the morning.  Nursery care begins at 8:30 a.m. and is available all morning. Evensong is our "newish" relaxed, acoustic Sunday night service that's a bit more interactive and includes a weekly celebration of the Eucharist. During the summer months (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend), we have one combined morning service at 10:00 a.m.. 

Classes for Children, Youth, and Adults (September - May)
You’ll find a warm welcome for your children or yourself in one of our team-taught classes which all begin at 9:50 a.m. in the Education Building. You’ll have choices ranging from series like “God at the Movies” or “The Theology of U2" to an ongoing lecture-based class with a fiercely loyal following (Philosophy, Theology, and Religion) as well as regular Bible study.


Steal All the Free Literature You Can Find 
We have a formal Welcome Center in the Lobby but there are brochures about particular ministries scattered all over the place.  In addition to a service bulletin you’ll receive a mini weekly newsletter called the Weekend Update when you come in.  Our monthly newsletter – the Messenger – is also readily available and will give you a feel for what’s going on here.

Getting Here & In the Door(s)
We are located at 8300 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda at the corner of Huntington Parkway and Old Georgetown Parkway about two miles inside the Beltway on the righthand side just a few blocks past Suburban Hospital and a mile "out" of the heart of Bethesda. Enter through the main doors at either end of the building, walk straight and you'll find the Sanctuary.  If you are headed to Sunday School, you'll either enter directly into the Education Building from the Old Georgetown Road Lot (in which case you are there!) or if you park in the Huntington Parkway Lot, go through the Sanctuary (door at front right) and you'll be in the Education Building. Signs are posted all around to help you find individual classrooms. Here's a link to Mapquest so you can find your way here from wherever you are. 

Beyond Sunday Mornings
We have an awesome youth program (Sunday nights and 50+ youth who go on mission trips in the summer), a vibrant children’s ministry (we have to cut off VBS registration at 200), lots of hands-on mission opportunities from Sandwich Sundays (1st Sunday of each month) to mission trips to the Gulf coast, and a music program that rocks...and sings and rings and bows, too. Please feel free to browse our site to find out more about particular ministries or contact any of our staff to ask questions.
What is a "Wash More Feet" Church?
We have a 3 word mission statement at Bethesda UMC: Wash More Feet. This means that we we are committed to forming disciples of Jesus, being open and inclusive, joyfully expressing our faith in worship and service, creating an atmosphere of mutual vulnerability, and serving our neighbors with humility and generosity.  But just don't take our word for it -- come see for yourself what we are all about.

8300 Old Georgetown Rd    +    Bethesda MD 20814   +    301.652.2990