COVID-19 Re-Entry Plan


All of our lives continue to be shaped by the effects of COVID-19, including our church ministries and worship. A BUMC Re-Entry team was created in May and has been meeting regularly since that time to develop a Re-Entry Plan along with general policies and procedures for how we might safely resume in-person activities at the church. We are continually considering difficult choices between conflicting needs, wants and imperatives. We also recognize that our Re-Entry plans will not always move in a linear fashion, but will be a process of gradual opening and evaluation for the foreseeable future. Additionally, as new information emerges about COVID-19, our guidance may change in order to promote the safety of all BUMC congregants. We have at all times sought to be guided by the currently available medical advice and best practices, as we seek to maintain a safe environment for BUMC congregants and staff.

 A summary outline of the BUMC Re-Entry plan is displayed below. The full plan is also available on our website or you can access a pdf of it here. We are currently in Stage 2A of our process. 

We recently held two online Town Hall Conversations for congregants to share questions or feedback with the pastors. Stay tuned for details of at least one more town hall in September.