Food Drive

Bethesda Help Food Drive


Help us support the work of Bethesda Help, which provides food for our Montgomery County neighbors.  

Below is a list of the items Bethesda Help needs most, however all non-perishable food items are welcome.  

15 oz canned vegetables (any variety)

15 oz canned beans (any variety)

12 oz canned chicken

28 oz canned or plastic jarred spaghetti sauce (no glass containers please)

7 oz boxes of macaroni and cheese

Cereal and/or oatmeal


NOTE:  Items that we CANNOT accept

  • Food in glass containers
  • Bulk food items (see the size of items on our pantry list)
  • Items that require refrigeration
  • Food that is past its use or sell by date (see below for more information)
  • Cans that are dented, swollen, bulging, leaking or rusted


Information on Food Dating

Before you donate food that is past its best by or best if used by or sell by date take some time to learn about package dates first here.  As you’ll learn, most food is perfectly good to eat weeks, months, and even years past those dates!  Knowing this, Bethesda Help does share food past date.  Here’s a guide to how long past date they’ll distribute commonly donated items:

  • Baking Mixes – 8 months
  • Dry Beans and Nuts – 1 year
  • Cereal and Crackers – 1 to 2 years
  • Uncooked Rice/Pasta – 1 to 2 years
  • Canned High-Acid Foods (peaches, tomatoes, juice, etc.) – 12 to 18 months
  • Canned Low-Acid Foods (meat and vegetables) – 2 to 3 years
  • Food in Glass/Plastic Jars – 2 to 3 years